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No moving parts here, just a convenient durable design. Your gear is on lock­down and is going to stay put. Our innovative design ensures things stay safe on your roof, even on the highway.



When it comes to carrying stuff, Penguin Feet is all about versatility. Snowboards, surfboards, lumber or even ladders... Put it on your roof in minutes and get moving.

Easy to use

Easy to use

With a simple design, set up the rack in minutes and be on the road. When you’re done, Penguin Feet is small enough to store in your trunk. No permanent rack commitments, no long­term hassles.

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How many skis/snowboards fit on the rack?

It’s easy to fit 3 snowboards or 3 sets of skis ­ or a mix of both. The security loops are designed to provide security points between equipment.

How many paddle boards/surfboards fit on the rack?

Fit up to 2 paddle boards or surfboards. Place the fins forward and place a towel or similar between boards for protection. We’re working on a divider for multiple boards. Stay tuned!

What type of material is used inside the rack?

Inside our super­secret underground science lab, we designed Penguin Feet with a closed cell high ­density foam. It’s more rigid than most soft racks and provides for a more stable surface. We’re committed to provide the most tension and security.

Can I put anything on the roof of my car?

Penguin Feet is a safe transport system for much of your outdoor gear. Like any rack system, there are limitations to what goes on your roof. If you’ve got questions about your gear, don’t hesitate to email us or drop us a line.

Will I become smarter, richer and better looking if I use Penguin Feet?

Yes. Yes you will.* Have more questions? Email us.

Get your gear where the adventure lives

“We used the Penguin Feet to transport our two Stand Up Paddle Boards. The Penguin Feet were easy to use and they protected both our car and our boards from getting scratched. We attached them directly to our existing luggage rack. Great product!
— Lori Feeken, Tampa, FL