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Living in some of the harshest conditions in the world, keeping a penguin egg warm and safe is a formidable challenge. Penguins’ feet are the only barrier between the frozen ground and their egg; their most cherished possession. But that’s not all. Penguin feet grip the icy sheets which these birds live on and endure through years of sub-zero temperatures. The Penguin Feet roof rack system is made of materials that stand up to the elements and will protect your prized possessions; be they snowboards, skis, SUPs, or kayaks for years to come.

We believe doing what you love should be easy. And what we love is adventure.

Our small crew loves any adventure. We are surfers, snowboarders, skiers, paddlers, wake boarders... outdoor enthusiasts. When we’re not in nature we love to build things, paint things and create. Over the years we became frustrated with the costs and limitations of transporting our sports equipment and gear.

So we set out on a different adventure; creating an affordable and versatile roof rack system that would allow us to transport a wide variety of stuff. Seeking beauty in simplicity we built a soft, removable, multi­sport roof rack that was easy to set up and take down. No installation, no expensive clips or mounts, and no worries.

That’s who we are. Join us on our adventure.